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(PAST) – St. Barts. #2 I won’t drown Swim Challenge. SOLDOUT

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Note: This Is the St. Barts Location.

Session #1 Sold Out & was a big Success so we’ve added Session #2.

At a family BBQ In 2010, 6 Teens from 2 separate families drowned to death in Louisiana’s Red river. There were numerous people standing just feet away, not a single one could swim. The family’s comment “None of us could swim, they were yelling, ‘Help me, help me. Somebody please help me.’ It was nothing I could do but watch them drown, one by one.”

That same summer in NYC 7 people drowned to death 4 Adults, 3 children, all of minority descent and all too young.

• 70 Percent of African American Kids & Teens can’t swim. (CDC 12′)

• If a parent can’t swim, there is only a 13% chance that a child in the household will swim. 

• Men are 4 times more likely to drown than women.

• The biggest reason black people give for not learning was hydrophobia “A fear of drowning”. I’ll let the irrationality of that one sink in.

 Be the change, be the example. Let’s burn the Black people don’t swim banner!

Argue with the facts all you want it doesn’t change them! “I personally hate being a statistic and don’t give 2 shits why people including myself can’t do something. Just do it I tell myself everything else will fall into place” How about we end the cycle #NotaStatistic #BlackPeopleSwim

Black People Love Outdoors & Adventure aka me has been haggling for months and I’ve secured us all an amazing deal. Here’s the scoop! 

5 Package of sessions @ $22 per (1 hr) lesson = $110

(Beginner Class & Intermediate Class) – (Pay using Venmo or Chase QuikPay to very easy!)

Saturdays @ 3pm. ST BART’S SWIMMING POOL

4/30/16; 5/7/16 ; 5/14/16; 5/21/16; 5/28/16(No Lesson); 6/4/16

• Sign up now limited spots!

• Great private instructors, Nice & Heated 84 deg pool, changing rooms, close to trains. 

Come June we have a Surfing Challenge; Kayaking; White water rafting; Swimming/ Beaching, Paddle boarding; Water skiing and an Open water survival techniques class, heck we’ll be finding Nemo too. So Get your life!

Spot not confirmed until payment is received.

Note: As an amazing courtesy to our group you will have the chance to make up missed classes. (Max 2. Please do not abuse this!) 

Let’s get wet 😉 ~ Sorry couldn’t help myself..blame the Race & Sex comedy show last week.

Recap NYC swim lesson prices: 1. JCC $296 members (~9 Classes), $376 Non-members

2. Nyc Pools Membership cost $75 for 6 months/ $150/ yr. Learn to swim is a lottery System currently session already started and has a very long wait-list.

3. Flushing Meadows Pool Qns – Lottery wait list is 6-8 months long.

4. Vanderbilt YMCA Manh- $140 members (1X/wk for 8 wks), $230 Non-members (1X/wk for 8 wks) Or $235 members (2X/wk for 8 wks), $405 Non-members (2X/wk for 8 wks). Other YMCS’s may have different pricing but this gives you an idea. 

5. 92St Y Manh- Lessons ~$315


3:00 PM

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Created with Sketch. New York, NY, USA
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