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It’s that time! To commune under the stars and roast smores with your people .

Though summer will be on it’s wits end, that doesn’t mean BPLOA is going to give in to Mother Nature that easy. Adult Summer Camp is just that an All Inclusive Summer Camp for Adults Yay!!. Why should the kids have all the fun? Besides they have fun everyday by not having bills. This event is one to bring out the fun, wacky, silly, adventurous person you are without the judgement of others to “act your age”. Here your age is whatever you feel whilst swinging from a flying trapeze, playing color wars, going for a hike, enjoying the sunset with a drink in hand or climbing the ropes course. This is a true campsite with bunk beds (you’ll have a bunk bed, top & bottom to yourself), camp counselors, games and lodging. Best of all it’s ALL INCLUSIVE (like all, all, all), no money required for drinks or food. Be sure to check out the link below in it’s entirety, I assure you, you will be as excited for Summer Camp as I am about their roaming drinks and snack carts

Note: We’ll need to meet BPLOA newbies b/4 the event.

Camp Lindenmere Summer Camp for Adults is an All-inclusive camp geared to let you relive your younger days as a camper, but with an adult twist. For six weeks out of the summer we are a top of the line children’s summer camp for over 75 years. With so many years of experience we know how to run the best camp possible. We don’t rent this camp out, we live here and this is our life! We will offer you all of the traditional camp activities that you would expect but also bring in some of our unique programs like the flying trapeze, state of the art ropes course and so much more. Combine this with our restaurant quality food, modern and renovated facilities, open bar, amazing evening activities, color war and nightly fun and we are ready to show you the time of your life!

SEE FOR YOURSELF (Weekend Schedule):


*Camp- $329 *Transportation- via BPLOA’s Beast ($45 separately)

Pmt Due date: Due upon RSVP (your spot is not confirmed until paid).

Payment Option 1: Pay in Full $329

Payment Option 2: BPLOA has decided to extend a courtesy payment plan to our members (below).

•  Payment 1: $83 due at RSVP to hold spot

•  Payment 2: $82 due 07/05/2017

•  Payment 3: $82 due 08/05/2017

•  Final payment: $82 09/05/2017

Not included in Above price:-

• Transport RT: via BPLOA $45; via Camp Bus $53.74

Self Drive: Very limited parking, must register & pay parking fee.

Pmt Methods: Pls Pay via, Qikpay (aka Zelle) or Paypal **(Paypal Select Friends & Family –>Payfrom bank baln to avoid fee) (No cc or debit allowed w/ paypal else fee*). Send to or username BPLoveOutdoors

**Send contact details (phone & email) with pmt**

(*See QuikPay aka Zelle 30 participating banks list)


An email will be sent to paid attendees with a link to capture required information for camp registration. For Refunds & Changes after payment see Refund Policy.

Activity Level: All Levels (Activity participation is at your desire)

Things to Bring: See FAQ’s. Sample packing list will also be sent.

TRANSPORTATION – {$45 w/ BPLOA (12 seater ); $53.74 via Camp bus}

You can ride in style in none other than BPLOA’s Beast (pic below). Seating in Beast is very limited and will be filled on a first come first paid basis. However, if you happen to miss a spot in Beast, don’t worry you’ll still be able to come out and play. Camp Lindenmere is chartering buses from NYC, NJ and Philly round-trip for $53.74 through Eventbrite. (Keep in mind BPLOA’s transportation cost is lower than the vendor’s).  BPLOA will reunite with our members at the campsite who travel via other means. Note: Due to very limited parking at site you are advised to use Beast or Vendor transport method. Personal cars ($27.37 parking fee).

BPLOA ONLY!  Departure Pickup Location and times:  (White 12 Seater Van W/ Bploa Plaque on sides) 
1. (Friday 12:15 PM) Downtown Brooklyn/Atlantic Terminal 
Hanson Pl. & St Felix St. 
17 Hanson Pl, Brooklyn New, York 11217 (map
* In front of Hansons Gourmet Deli *

2. (Friday 12:50 PM) Midtown/ Times Sq area- Manhattan 
W 43rd Street & 9th Avenue 
593 9th Ave, New York, NY 10036 (map
* In front of Starbucks *

Arrive early for the bus, not responsible to missed buses.


*Super Important* Don’t act a fool. See our Liability & code of conduct policies. Don’t know how to act in public? That policy is linked…basically RESPEK folks, don’t HIT ON everyone or make ppl feel uncomfortable. HANDS always to yourself! etc. 🙂


REFUND POLICY: This event can be refunded up to September 5th 2017. 
* Full refund minus $20 processing fee for cancellations up to 07/05/2017 * Full refund minus $30 processing fee for cancellations up to 08/15/2017 if a member on the waiting list agrees to fill your spot.* Full refund minus $40 processing fee for cancellations up to 09/5/2017 if a member on the waiting list agrees to fill your spot or another person takes your spot. Otherwise a partial refund is available. *Non- Refundable after 9/5/2017.


12:00 PM

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Created with Sketch. Henryville, PA, USA
Created with Sketch.
from $329.00

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