Will I get wet?

Yes, you will get soaked… because you’re pon de river ????.

How challenging are the rapids?

The rapids are generally Class 3 or 4 but depends on the river and event specifics (Refer to event description). 

Will we stop to eat?

Yes, we will have an opportunity to take a break for lunch on the river bank.

How difficult are the hikes?

Hikes range from easy to moderate to moderately strenuous and strenuous so that they are inclusive.

Please see the rating for the specific event you are interested in and send us a question if you need any clarification. We're here for ya ????????‍????.

How long are hikes?

Our hikes range in length and duration but a common hike (with scenic views) is about 5 miles.

Can I bring my phone/camera on the river with me?

You can bring your camera/phone at your own risk. If you’re bringing your phone, please enclose it in a waterproof case secured to your person and test it BEFORE you get on the river. We don’t want to see hurt feelings. Also many a sunglass have been sacrificed to the river gods, so refrain from expensive shades.

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