What is the refund and cancellation policy on paid events?

Please note: To maintain fairness, the BOA refund policy is non-negotiable:

These are general refund policies. Please see specific event for that events policy.

◾ Generally: Full refund minus a $20 processing fee if you cancel ~8 days in advance.

◾ Generally: 50% refund if you cancel 5 to 7 days in advance (event will have specific # of days).

◾ Generally: We are not able to provide refunds for cancellations, no shows or missed buses after that.

◾ Generally: If the event is cancelled 100% of the amount paid is refunded.

What do I need to do once I pay?

◾ Please review your confirmation emails.

◾ Complete liability waiver.

◾ Add event date & time into your calendar app

◾ Follow-us on social to get your engines revved up and communicate with other BOA adventurers

◾ Note - there'll likely be additional event emails as the event date approaches with itinerary etc as applicable.

◾ Grab any necessary gear if applicable (note gear rentals are available for skiing/ boarding)

◾ Get excited!!! ???? ????????

P.S. Make sure you've submitted payment if you selected to pay via a digital wallet such as Venmo or Zelle to avoid reservation cancellation.

dassit...See you soon...outdoors ????????

What types of payments do you accept?

BOA accepts Venmo and Zelle (formerly known as Quickpay) as free digital forms of payment.

We also accept Paypal, Credit cards and/or Stripe. However Paypal/ Credit cards/ stripe will incur a transaction/ convenience fee of 5 to 6%.

All,payment information will be on your checkout page.

What is the cancellation and “no-show” policy on non-paid events.

RSVPs should be cancelled three (3) hours before the event to allow others a chance to attend. A Cancellation less than three (3) hours before an event without word is considered a no-show. Be considerate of planning and message organizer if you can no longer attend on the day of event.

A “no-show” is when a person reserves a space for an event and never uses that reservation/shows up. We understand that circumstances happen but it’s important to cancel your reservation to allow the organizers to plan accordingly and allow other people to participate. Four (4) no shows without notifying the group organizers will result in being prevented to RSVP for such events.

What’s BOA’s Code of Conduct?

1. Treat fellow Group members with respect in the same way you would like to be treated.
2. Member's will not engage in physical, verbal or sexual harassment of other group members.
3. Ain't nobody here to babysit your ass, so please plan & act accordingly.
4. Should it arise…You will endeavor to pay your part of the tab when we go out as a group. No dead beats por favor
5. We sometimes take photos for our meetup. Your participation in an event serves as an agreement to use said photo in Black Outdoor Adventurers Promotional materials. You may opt out of taking photos by not being in them.
6. Also Black Outdoor Adventurers is here to promote the outdoors, fun and non-traditional activities among people of color. We aim to curate quality, fun events, create opportunities for real friendships and community.
a. Please try to keep to schedules for time sensitive events. We won't be held responsible for missed buses etcetera.
b. Read event details thoroughly, then feel free to comment or email questions.
c. We reserve the right to remove any members, volunteers or sponsors who violate our codes of conduct or who's behavior we deem detrimental to the group's mission.
7. To report an incident please send a message and we will respond as quickly as possible (we will treat your message confidentially and with urgency).
8. Lastly I/we do this because love, passion, quality, friendships and cool folks are important to us, so let's not eff that up for each other.
9. Keep your hands and feet to yourself 🙂

Remember the best way to get the most out of the group is to be open and put in as much as you want to take away!

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