What should I do to prepare?

A couple of squats and some leg work. Not required but can't hurt! Wear warm layers. It can get pretty cold on the mountain, especially as it gets later in the day. Bring nutritious snacks, banana etc. - food is a bit pricey ???? at the mountain

What if I don’t think I can do it

No judgement but there's kiddies & grannies doing thier thing on the mountain. Signup for a package with a lesson and let's do this! A good percent of our attendees are new to the sport so no worries. All,your new friends will even be there to cheer you on.

It’s been a while since I’ve gone skiing.

If you haven’t gone skiing in a while (longer than a season), we recommend starting out at a beginner level and working your way up to higher levels when you feel comfortable.

Map of Okemo Mountain ski trails
Map of Hunter Mountain ski trails
What should I bring/buy/wear?

Winter Sports

Ski pants & jacket (Marshalls, Models, Amazon, REI)
Purchase Ski goggles ~$20 @ a Sports store (More $$ @ the mountain).
Dress in layers/ Wear Thermals under your ski pants and coat (This way you can adjust as needed).
Wear proper weather/ waterproof gloves & Thick socks.
A long hat or face mask is recommended
Hand &/or leg warmers
Money for storage lockers (roughly $6)

Anything-Other-than-Winter Activities (Your Mileage May Vary)

Clothing you don't mind getting some paint on: cargo/ thick pants & shirt +
Gloves (for extra padding)
A change of clothes (no paint in the bus!)

Comfortable, athletic clothing
Hiking boots or sturdy trail shoes with light wool socks
Fleece or warm layers (for chilly evenings)
A hat and sunglasses
Day pack for hiking
Refillable water bottles
Phone charger and portable batteries
Money to purchase extra items (snacks)
Camping (Hiking gear + the below):
Cozy clothes and shoes for sleeping and relaxing at camp
Swimming suit/clothes (if kayaking/canoeing)
Rain jacket
Sleeping bag (20 degrees or lower recommended)
Tent (if camping)
Sleeping pad (if camping)
Bug spray
Headlamp or flashlight
Personal items, toiletries etc.

Map of Windham Mountain ski trails
Map of Belleayre Mountain ski trails

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