Why I started BOA

We are Explorers, Hikers

My favorite memories involve being outdoors, camping, Skiing, Biking, Swimming, Beaching, indoor rock Climbing, Hiking, Traveling, Meditating and exploring our world

There’s still so much to try – fishing, survival skills, Surfing, kayaking etc. Don’t be intimidated we will go slow and accommodate newbies. All you need is the desire & open mind to try new things.

In a sea of 100 outdoor and adventure enthusiasts 5% might be black or of color if we’re lucky. You know it’s a lonely experience. There has to be folks like me out there who are turned on by the scent of an open fire and transported by breathing deeply outdoors.

This group is for you, let’s come together, build a fun and open community and promote black people doing non-traditional things. We’ll do trips together and eat each other’s food — It will be great!

This is be an open, positive environment–No cliques but bring the attitude, personality and outdoor spirit.


Brothers & Sisters


Weekend Warriors

Open, Genuine, atimes sassy


Philosophers by the campfire

IMG_0394 (1)

& Challengers of social norms.