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In a sea of 100 outdoor and adventure enthusiasts 5% might be black or of color if we’re lucky. You know it’s a lonely experience. There has to be folks like us out here who get turned on by the scent of firewood or are transported by breathing deeply outdoors (Your backyard does not count ????????‍♀️).

We Are black and brown folks who love the outdoors and adventure. This is an OPEN, POSITIVE environment, so YES bring your whole self ????????‍♂️ — NO code-switching needed here!????. We’re about making real connections, with real people, in real life- go figure! Don’t be intimidated, NEWBIES are ???? welcome. Hey, we all started somewhere! Just bring a heart to learn, a mind to be outside, and you’ll do great! We believe in kicking in doors labeled “can’t” and K-O’ing the status quo. ???????? Deal with it. So! Are you coming outdoors or nah?! Want to Rappel down that mountain? Surf the Atlantic? Ride dirty on mountain bikes? If you can dream it, chances are we’re already planning it, fam. We camp, ski, bike, practice yoga and wellness, swim, beach, rock climb, jet ski, hike, and much more. And We Are who you’ve been waiting for.


Our Mission And Vision

BOA’s main mission is to expose black & brown people to the healing power of nature & the outdoors, enrich lives, create community, care for Gaia and take part in some kick-ass adventures!

What Makes A Black Outdoor Adventurer??

You want to figure out what’s just beyond that next hilltop. You’ve run out of patience for flaky friends who ghost when it’s time to book that camping trip, hike, or diving excursion. Yeah, us too! You’re often found lusting for your next adventure when you should be analyzing yet another row of data in yet another spreadsheet. You’re new to the city and keen to see what else the NY and Northeast region have to offer. We’ve been there! Are you curious to push your own limits and see just how badass you are?

You. totally. Are. The. Baddest.

And I promise we truly see you, with both eyeballs! 

Why be home scrolling through IG when you can be outdoors with us? So… Last call, are you coming outdoors for this real life reset or nah?!


Philosophers by the campfire
Lovers of Nature
Creative & Curious

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"To make change we must stand against the BS flow of false narration to tell our own stories"

Mina Okpi BOA Founder

Mina Okpi

BOA Founder

Meet The Leadership Squad

Mina O. 🐱‍🏍

Founder, Life Activist, Chief Adventurer

Nechari 🐱‍🚀

Retreats, Sponsorship Lead

Christian 🐱‍👓

Communications Lead

Jennifer 🐱‍👤

Technology lead

Get to know Mina

Hi, I’m Mina! I created this space so that we can connect over fun outdoor adventures, make new friends and challenge one another to live life outside the box. It’s that simple!   

A few years ago I noticed a consistent pattern of very few black and brown people outside. It pained me so much so that I decided to create Black Outdoor Adventurers in October of 2015, to bring diverse people who look like me outdoors. This breaking point came during a beach camping trip in Montauk, NY (pictured above) where I didn’t encounter a single black person. I was really tired of being one of the only ones, so I did something about it.

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Get to know Nechari

What is your favorite BOA memory?
My favorite BOA memory is getting caught in the cyclone that hit Nantucket.
What is your dream adventure?
I live every adventure as a dream!
What would your post apocalyptic occupation be?
If the apocalypse happens, I DEFINITELY wouldn’t have an occupation! But you’d probably find me planting seeds in the ground, if I’m still on Earth.
Describe yourself in 3 sentences:
Nechari is a person who truly believes that the unexplored life isn’t worth living at all. Nechari brings this spirit into her everyday life finding ways to connect with people from all walks of life. Her love of community and sense of adventure led her to Black Outdoor Adventurers, where she plays a role in creating memorable experiences and advocates for people to lead more holistic lives.

Get to know X'tian

What is your favorite BOA memory?
Falling off the trapeze at the Adult Summer Camp of 2017. Sigh. What a time to be alive (We won’t let you live it down either ????).
What is your dream adventure?
An around-the-world trip where I do one extreme sport per country
What would your post apocalyptic occupation be?
I for sure would be the tech who develops precision attack drones that can snipe individual zombies / bomb their lairs from high altitudes.
Describe yourself in 3 sentences.
1. Christian is now the 2.45 billionth most important person in the world– up 100 places from 2019.
2. Christian loves pancakes, Sankey Diagrams and cold press coffee (not in that order)
3. Christian is brooding but completely not serious.

Get to know Jenn

What is your favorite BOA memory?
Bonfire philosophies in Nantucket
What is your dream adventure?
Traveling as much as possible. I wanna see the whole world.
What would your post apocalyptic occupation be?
food critic
Describe yourself in 3 sentences.
I am curious. I am analytical. I love to laugh.

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