Happy Black History Meet and Greet

It’s been a minute I know! Come celebrate black history month with your BPLOA Adventure family. 

Let’s catch up, share the vision of living our best lives, having fun and building bonds with Men & Women of color.

Plus this is a Black owned business and a great space so lets support.

What we’re about ~~

Destroying stereotypes

Breaking generational lines Black people don’t do that” 

• Diversity in the outdoors

Positive Community.

Come Alone or bring a friend…We’re friendly! Not interested in kidnapping you 😉

Note: We have a strict 4 No-Shows without word and your out of the community policy, so update your RSVP @ least 3 hours before if plans change so we can better accommodate folks (Don’t Say I Ain’t told you).

Details ~~  Helpful to Bring cash but they take card.

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